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7 Questions before you buy art.

Gallery Art | Art Reviews and Guides |  7 Questions before you buy art.

7 Questions before you buy art.

1. Do I like it? Seems a fairly obvious question yet also one that people strangely seem to forget. I always find it interesting when you enter someones house and ask them why a particular picture graces their wall and they say, "I dunno". Art is there to be enjoyed, buy a piece because you like it not because you feel you should.

2: Am I buying this to impress others? A follow on from the previous question really. Many people choose art they think will impress others. Choose it because you like it not because you think visitors will be pressed. After all you're the one who will look at it more than anyone!

3: Does it fit? Partially in the physical sense, theres not much point in buying a 14 foot mural if the wall you want to put it on is 10 feet long. Also does it fit in with where you are dispalying it. A Jackson Pollock may look somewhat out of place in a Victorian styled front room. That being said a degree of juxtaposition can be fun.

4: What kind of piece am I looking for? It can be helpful to think outside the box when many people think of decorative art they head straight for paintings. It can be worth considering other options such as sculpture, collages, etc.

5: Original or print? Often an artist will offer people to buy either the original piece or one of a limited number of prints. The difference is cost. Prints are often many times cheaper than original pieces, though sometiems surprisingly you made find the original is the same price or cheaper! However the original piece is one of a kind and so will appreciate more value than a print no matter how limited the edition.

6: Who made this? People place different amounts of value on this question but it can often be interesting to look into the background of the person behind the art. You will after all own something that took them many hours to create.

7: How will I display the piece? You've spent hours over the decision, you've paid the money and you find yourself in possession of a piece of art that makes your emotions flare. At this point most people will nail a picture hook to a wall, hang the painting and walk away. Sometimes this is perfect other times there better ways to display this thing you love. Framing, easels, etc. can all help to display the art to its best potential.

Best of luck in your search!

Written by James Richardson-Brown

Gallery Art | Art Reviews and Guides |  7 Questions before you buy art.