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Samuel Durkin

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Samuel Durkin - Artist

Gallery Art |  Samuel Durkin - Artist

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Samuel Durkin

About his Artwork

Samuel Durkin was born in Portsmouth England. But grew up in Wallingford, a small town in Oxfordshire, England. His Mother a local artist ran an art shop and gallery in the town, he was always surrounded by art and artists. Her work encompassed may different styles over the years. He saw her move from realism, pointillism and expressionism, but the approach was always the same: to express yourself through your art - to find what it is that is you, and show that in your art. Many of the artist who exhibited in her shop/gallery painted landscapes and rural scenes from the surrounding countryside, often abstracted or very painterly. They were in general pictures to make people feel good, something that would uplift the spirit.

After completing his studies at Bournemouth and Poole art college, he fell into a period of mental and physical illness. The disparity between the art he had grown up with and the art college's ideas of conceptual art over expressiveness left him feeling that the deep emotional part of his soul was not what the world wanted. But as ever his art was always his main passion and while he toyed with conceptual art, emotive pieces felt more true. Painting each day, Sam would often go without food or heating to pay for canvas and paint, reusing canvases over and over again; ultimately this led to the discovery of new techniques which paved the way for him to develop his uniquely personal style.

Having learnt Meditation and self awareness, he soon found that being true to himself, making art he himself found uplifting, in turn led to wider appreciation of his work. In 2008 Sam suffered heart failure - yet he continued to paint during this period. By 2010 he had not only recovered entirely, but had become fitter and more active than many people half his age. While misfortunes have sometimes stood in his way, he continues to make his art his passion. Taking a path through life that is entirely his own, and helping as many other people as he can along the way.

His work merges the abstract with the impressionistic; while striking a balance between identifiable images and their obliteration. The use of acrylics in Sam's work incorporates mixing colours directly on the canvas. He restricts his palette to the three primary colours of cyan, magenta and yellow, believing that using these pure points in the colour spectrum generates vibrant control over his technique, and an expressiveness that cannot be replicated easily due to the immediacy of the creation. He uses large brushes and detail is inferred rather than painted. By painting over and over again, layers build up and the image becomes an average of the what we may perceive. The illusion happens in our minds, and we the viewers create the final painting.

He has become best know for his nudes and cityscape painting. The focus is always on the painting technique and the beauty of form. This style was developed during many months of pure painting and experimentation, trying to reach something beyond reality, and yet within reality. Whilst inspired by many artists it was the impressionists and Claude Monet in particular that had one of the most profound impacts on Sam's early work. This influence is still evident in his style today. But the journey of Mondrian from his impressionists depictions, such as "Avond (Evening); Red Tree" through to his later cubist pieces "Composition with Red Blue Yellow" , led Sam to believe that for a truly distinctive and personal style to emerge an artist must also travel a creative journey. To this end he has taken on an evolutionary way of working. Each successful piece he creates becomes the parent to new works, and these in turn lead to further "children"and so, the style develops naturally.

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Gallery Art |  Samuel Durkin - Artist