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Samuel Durkin

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Paintings for Sale.

If you want paintings for sale in the UK, You will find them here at arts-fine.co.uk

I'm Samuel Durkin and I own this website that provides you top quality paintings for sale at a reasonable price.

Southampton Painter Samuel Durkin in the UK
When you search for art over the web it's nice to know you can effortlessly get in contact with the artist. So if you're in the UK then you'll be happy to know I'm an artist based in Southampton UK England.
You want a lovely environment, and something that expresses taste. A painting that's clearly abstract is exciting and dynamic and adds a strong aesthetic to a room. However it is usually impressive to see the craftsmanship and the skill required to create a realistic piece.
How amazing would it be to have a picture that combined both?

But can artists do both? the simple answer is yes. I take a realistic focus, I then consider it with a mind for abstraction. I really like adding the excitement and danger that comes from abstraction, but enjoy the challenge of producting a picture with an identifiable image. This creates for everyone a picture that you and your friends will admire, the skill required to get both abstract and realistic cannot fail to impress.
Look around my online gallery of art. I'm sure you'll take advantage of the paintings I have for sale.

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If you need a painting made just for you . Email me now and we can discuss you're requirements.