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Samuel Durkin

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Commission Original Art

Commission Original Art

Image and our living space environment is important, but making the right statement with decorations is often difficult. Empty walls or bland generic art sends out a terrible message to visitors. So having the right artwork on your walls is important, art that clearly defines you and sets you apart.

Good quality art creates a space that is pleasant to live in, frees the mind and allows you focus on getting on with your day. It raises your spirits, personal aspirations and is the outer display of who you are. This is why I have created my unique service. I tailor make art to suit your needs, so the right image is projected.

I offer you a free consultation to find out just what kind of art I can create for you. Listening to your needs to create works of art that represents you. Giving you an environment that's more enjoyable and prestigious.

I have a limited number of commissions I can take each month, and they are taken on a first come first served basis.

EMAIL to book me. or call (+44) 0759 885 2863