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Contemporary Painters

Gallery Art | Art Reviews and Guides |  Contemporary Painters

New Contemporary Painters

New Contemporary Painters

Economic turmoil

With the world of art and the economic situation in turmoil in 2008 it seems that once more people are turning to artists who use the traditional medium of paint on canvas.

Conceptual worthless art is no investment

For a long time the world of contemporary art has been dominated by conceptually pieces and ephemeral art that panders to the throw away culture of the last century. But with the advent of the 21st century dwindling natural resources, wide spreed Internet use it seems many factors could well be raising the old traditions of contemporary painters back to the heights they once held.

Digital Art and Downloadable Content?

The Internet and digital distribution has been a double edged sword for those who were told that digital would be the way forward. The trouble is that in our Internet world digital is so easily copied, reproduced, redistributed and given away. While great for the facebook generation, and highly creative, it's value is almost zero. A butterfly of an idea, that lives for its brief moment and dies almost as quickly. A great way to advertise maybe, but the art is always throw away.

The End of Post-Modernism?

Conceptual art, the main stay of many real world contemporary galleries has never truly been understood by the masses. They cannot own it, they cannot sometimes even see it (empty rooms) and it certainly has no tangible substance that will last beyond a life time. Rotting sharks and unmade beds, don't leave much behind in even 20 years. This art is essentially of the moment, and fit very well with the ethos of the last century when consuming was the goal of the post modernist..

Owning Something Real

In this 21st Century Contemporary painters are the ones producing actual tangible original art. Real objects that retain a value in that they are the only ones of their kind in the world. Almost everything in this modern age is built by machines or exists only as streams of data online. Real contemporary painters now create some of the only things of any true value. This contemporary work won't need upgraded to painting 2.0 next year, it won't be lost in the memories of some art space on one evening. Paintings have staying power, they remain for many many years.

Money Has Declining Value

In the current climate where keeping money in a bank no longer seems like a safe bet, buying a contemporary painting suddenly seems like the smart thing to do. You actually get something that no one else owns, you can see what you have and it never stops being a painting. The contemporary artists work suits this age. Most importantly owning a contemporary painting means you get to enjoy your wealth every day. It's a solid investment, in something you can see and show to others. Arguable also far more interesting than gold, a certainly more interesting than numbers on a bank balance that could vanish tomorrow when the bank goes bust.

Gallery Art | Art Reviews and Guides |  Contemporary Painters