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Samuel Durkin

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Artists painting by Samuel Durkin

Artists painting by Samuel Durkin

Looking for Artists Paintings?

Searching for just what you're looking for is difficult.
But commissioning one created just for you is EASY!

I'm the British artist Samuel Durkin and paint paintings for customers the world over. whatever topic you are looking for, I am able to make it for you.

Abstract Realism

The beautiful nature of abstracts is wonderful, and the skill to create something realistic is much loved. I combine the artistic quality of abstraction and combine it with realistic visuals to create paintings that accomplish the best of both worlds, and produce a painting that's superior to each.

Visitors to your home will love the skill and talent taken to paint artworks that permit you to recognise the picture while showing you the abstract style of vision.

Limited Numbers
There's only myself as the artist painting the art, so can only paint a small number commissions each month. I work on a first come first served basis. So please e-mail me today to be certain that you will not miss out.

I want to always please my clients. So should you not enjoy the final result, I'll work until you are or your I'll refund you!

Email me now to talk about the painting you want.