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Samuel Durkin

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Do you like my art?

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I'd love to keep you informed about what I'm up to and make sure you never miss out on what I'm making for you.

The best way to is to sign up for my newletter. Signing up for my newletter will keep you infomred, you'll see my work first and this will ensure you're more likely to get it before someone else does. Constantly checking back in to see what's new can be a bit hit and miss. By signing up for my newsletters you'll keep informed about the following.

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Special offers. Sometimes I'll put my work up on sale so that everyone has a chance to own a one of my paintings. Sign up for the mailing list and make sure you're the one who gets the bargin.

New work
. You'll be the first to know, even before i post on facebook you'll get to see it first. and you know what they say about the early bird....

. Sometimes my work will go up for auction. I like to offer my work in this way on occation to get it to a wider audiance. To make sure you have a chance to bid on my work and have the chance to win a piece, it's vital you join the mialing list. otherwise that piece you've been thinking of getting may go to someone else.

Exhibitions. Want an invite to an exhibition of my work.. sign up and don't miss the opertunite to see my work in the real world.

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