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  • 1. art is a process
    Creative process of a dress with hand-dyed, painted feathers, wing, documented by Japanese artist Yuko Nagai.
  • 2. Titus Can Draw
    Titus V. Thomas is a graphic designer/illustrator from NYC. He has designed as a Research Artist for critically acclaimed shows on Nick Jr. such as Bill Cosby's The "Little Bill Show", "Dora the Explorer", and "The Backyardigans". He also served as a designer for Varcity Clothing, SONY College Music, NBA Entertainment, Atlantic Studios, Hollavison.com, YSB Magazine etc. Titus has recently finished the illustration, design and layout for a new children's book entitled " Everybody Eats Lunch", written by Kiwi magazine's Food Editor and The Creative Kitchen founder, Cricket Azima. All original artwork is copyright of Titus V.Thomas unless otherwise noted.

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